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Email Marketing

Custom design and responsive programming for your email direct marketing

Design Impact can help you with your EDMs. We can assist with custom or template designs that reflect your company, and develop these to be responsive on smart devices.

This is seriously the way to move forward when it comes to marketing. You can custom design, send it off and see the results of your campaign through different platforms.

Your EDMs can be aimed based on demographic, their location, their sales history etc. So with this in mind we can develop either a template for your business’s email marketing to use in multiple campaigns or one off custom designs for one off emails.

EDM’s are important also as more people own smart phones and are checking their messages on their smart devices constantly throughout the day. We develop your custom design to be responsive to allow for optimum user experience.

The benefits to you:

  • Quick and cost effective to keepĀ in touch with your customers
  • Change your message out – promotions or sales offers, educate on products or services, market research or brand awareness
  • Know the results of your email marketing campaign (see what works)
  • Tailored campaigns to selected customers
  • Custom design of your email message that reflects your brand
  • Development of design templates for your EDM platform
  • Flexibility on when to send messages
  • Direct to your customer via smart devices

What we offer:

  • Responsive design
  • Responsive programming

This can include:

  • Sales emails
  • Promotional emails
  • Change of location emails
  • Product education emails
  • Welcome client emails
  • Market research emails

Call us and we are happy to work out your Email Direct Marketing requirements.

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